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Ex-Theranos CEO Holmes To Win Prison Release Two Years Early

Convicted ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is now scheduled for early release. Last November, the California former biotechnology entrepreneur was sentenced to 11 years and three months for defrauding investors in the Silicon Valley startup that tried to revolutionize blood testing. Federal Bureau of Prisons records show that Holmes' sentence was cut to nine years, with a scheduled release date of Dec. 23, 2032, meaning she will be released two years early, USA Today reports. Holmes, 39, reported to a minimum-security, federal women’s prison camp in Bryan, Tex., on May 30.

The prison bureau said some inmates are eligible for release early via court orders such as a compassionate release due to old age and medical conditions or clemency.  Inmates can also have sentences reduced for good conduct, including completing job assignments and completing substance abuse program courses. Gained time can be revoked over disciplinary concerns or other infraction. In a lengthy trial that captivated Silicon valley, a jury found Holmes guilty on four felony fraud counts associated with a loss to victims of at least $120 million. In all, total losses surpassed $800 million, prosecutors said. Her former partner was convicted on 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy and sentenced to about 13 years in prison last year after a separate trial.


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