Looking at the Data: How States Invest Byrne JAG

NCJA has developed a series of one-pagers detailing how states invest Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) dollars, as well as the impact of these investments on state and local criminal justice communities. Data for the state and topical one-pagers was gathered through NCJA’s biennial data collection which asks State Administering Agencies (SAA) how the state spent the formula portion of its Byrne JAG money in calendar year 2016. The most recent year’s data collection also included comprehensive interviews with SAA staff where states were asked to provide examples of some of their most successful programs and initiatives.

Byrne JAG Spending by Project Type in Calendar Year 2016

Browse Spending by Project Area (FY16)

Courts and Defense

Diversion and Alternatives to Incarcerations

Forensic Services

Byrne JAG Spending by State (2016)

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