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Other Webinars

NCJA hosts a variety of webinars on topics of interest to our members. The webinars listed on this page are not part of an ongoing webinar series. Below are webinar descriptions and supporting materials for this series.

Grant Writing 101

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Looking at grant opportunities to address addiction? New to the grant writing process or interested in more information to ensure your application is competitive? Join us for a training on guidelines and tips for writing a grant proposal. Attendees will be given step-by-step instructions on the essential elements, common missteps, the process, and requirements to improve your grant writing capabilities and assist in grant applications. The event is part of a series sponsored by the Addiction Policy Forum and National Criminal Justice Association to provide practitioners with actionable resources and training to help in the implementation of comprehensive strategies to address substance use disorders in the United States.

Pulse Check: Restorative Justice

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Restorative Justice is a different way of responding to crime in communities and criminal justice systems. This 90 minute webinar will provide an overview of the principles and practices of Restorative Justice; review research findings and the application of Restorative Justice practices in the justice system; and discuss the status of restorative justice today. Speakers will discuss the future potential of the Restorative Justice philosophy and current obstacles that inhibit full acceptance by practitioners and policy makers.

Speakers: Chief Mike Butler, Longmont Colorado Police Department, Fred Van Liew, former prosecutor Polk County, Iowa and Anne Seymour, a national victim advocate and justice system consultant. Moderator: Tom Quinn, former Visiting Fellow at the National Institute of Justice.

ISE Summit: Informational Webinar

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This webinar introduces participants to the format and content of the State/Regional Information Sharing Environments (ISE) Summit held September 16-17, 2015. It also prepared participants for active participation as presenters examine solutions to common obstacles and develop a roadmap for the way forward in this important undertaking. During this 30-minute webinar, presenters answered participant questions about the Summit logistics and agenda.

Speakers: Kshemendra Paul, Program Manager, ISE; Diane Ragans, Institute for Intergovernmental Research; David Steingraber, Senior Policy Advisor, National Criminal Justice Association; and Paul Wormeli, Consultant, ISE.

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