Meet the NCJA President and Acting Vice President


Christian Kervick, executive director of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council serves as the President of the NCJA Board of Directors and will lead the Executive Committee. Anne Jordan, Manager of Criminal Process and Specialty Dockets for the State of Maine Courts is Acting Vice President.

Christian Kervick, President

Executive Director of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council

Christian Kervick is the Executive Director of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council, where he has spent nearly 20 years. In this position his duties include the development, implementation and administration of all criminal justice grant funds and programs in the state of Delaware, totaling approximately $30 million in various federal block grant areas. Under the past two administrations, Kervick served as the Deputy Director of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council and implemented tens of millions of dollars of criminal justice programming in the fields of juvenile justice, law enforcement, corrections, victim’s services and re-entry. In 2009, he implemented the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grant program statewide as well as oversaw the daily operations of the agency. He has authored several publications on youth violence, crime and delinquency, and specialty courts.

Kervick has bachelors degree in political science (St. Francis College) and criminal justice (University of Delaware), and a Masters degree in criminology from St. Josephs University in Philadelphia. Mr. Kervick is also an Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice and Social Science Department at Wilmington University.

Anne Jordan, Acting Vice President

Manager, Criminal Process and Specialty Dockets, State of Maine Courts


Anne Jordan is the Manager of Criminal Process and Specialty Dockets for the state of Maine Courts.  She is responsible for training and oversight of Maine’s 105 independent bail commissioners, serves as the Court’s representative on the State Sex Offender Risk Assessment Advisory Commission, the State Criminal Rules Committee, the Criminal Law Advisory Council and the Chief Justice’s Intergovernmental Pretrial Justice Reform Task Force. She  supervises the director of the state of Maine’s specialty courts including the Domestic Violence Review dockets, the Adult Drug Treatment Courts, the Family Drug Treatment Courts, the Co-Occurring Disorders Court and the Veterans Treatment Court. She also over sees research  and data driven projects that analyze Maine’s Court practices and provides recommendations to the Chief Justice and the Trial Court Chiefs for more effective and efficient policies and procedures.

Jordan previously served as the Commissioner of Public Safety for the state of Maine under former Governor John Baldacci. In that position she served as the State SAA, over saw the management and day to day operations of ten state Agencies (Maine State Police, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency,  Capital Police,  Maine Emergency Medical Services, The Maine Criminal Justice Academy,  Bureau of Highway Safety, The State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Maine Emergency Consolidated Communications Bureau, the Gambling Control Bureau and the Bureau of Building Codes and Standards), served as Chair of the Maine Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and as Co-Chair of the Task Force to investigate Bias based policing.

Jordan has been a licensed attorney for over thirty-three years and has also been previously employed as a prosecuting attorney, a college instructor and as a partner in a major Portland Maine law firm. She is the author of the first in the nation law to include pets in Domestic Violence Protection orders. Since then 31 other states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico have enacted similar laws.

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