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Simone Greene

Senior Program Manager

Simone Greene works as a Senior Program Manager with a specific focus and expertise on behavioral health interventions in the justice system. Simone works to assist state administering agencies, local criminal justice advisory boards and councils in the development of comprehensive strategic plans and the implementation of evidence-based programs and practices. Simone brings over five years of project management experience in the behavioral health and criminal justice sectors.

Prior to joining NCJA, Simone was the director of stakeholder engagement for the Addiction Policy Forum (APF), a national non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating addiction as a major health condition. During her tenure with APF, Simone helped state and local jurisdictions with strategic planning, identified and highlighted best practices and engaged with on the ground leaders and stakeholders in a variety of sectors. She also worked in various areas of the criminal justice system including corrections and crime prevention.

Simone received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wesleyan University and her master's degree in Forensic and Legal Psychology from Marymount University.

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