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Weed-Dispensary Owners File Suit To Scuttle Federal Drug Laws, Enforcement

A group of cannabis operators filed a lawsuit seeking to find federal drug laws unconstitutional and bar the government from enforcing them against state-regulated cannabis companies, Politico reports. The suit was filed by high-profile law firm of David Boies, known for its work seeking the breakup of Microsoft and its representation of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and former Vice President Al Gore, in the contested 2000 presidential election.

The plaintiffs, who run weed dispensaries in a dozen states, argue that state-regulated marijuana markets have changed since the U.S. Supreme Court last ruled on state-legal cannabis in 2005, in the case Gonzales v. Raich. “What was once a single-minded federal crusade against the cannabis plant has been replaced with an ambivalent set of inconsistent policies, some aimed at reducing federal interference with state efforts to regulate marijuana,” the complaint states.


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