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TX Panel Cites 'Systemic Failures,' 'Poor Decision Making' At Uvalde

The 18-year-old who massacred 19 students and two teachers in Uvalde, Tx., on May 24 had no experience with firearms before his rampage. He targeted an elementary school with an active shooter policy that had been deemed adequate but had a long history of doors propped open.

No one was able to stop the gunman, in part because of “systemic failures and egregious poor decision making” by nearly everyone involved who was in a position of power, a Texas House committee investigation found, reports the Texas Tribune.

The committee released on Sunday the most exhaustive account yet of the shooter, his planning, his attack and the fumbling response he provoked.

The report offers a damning portrayal of a family unable to recognize warning signs, a school district that had strayed from strict adherence to its safety plan and a police response that disregarded its own active shooter training.

It outlines how the gunman, who investigators believe had never fired a gun before May 24, was able to stockpile military-style rifles, accessories and ammunition without arousing suspicion from authorities, enter a supposedly secure school unimpeded and indiscri