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Two Colorado Sheriff's Deputies Indicted For Roadside Shooting

A grand jury indicted two Colorado sheriff's deputies in the death of Christian Glass, 22, who was shot after calling 911 for roadside assistance while experiencing what his mother described as a mental health crisis. The indictments of the former Clear Creek County deputies Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould were returned on Wednesday, five months after they allegedly killed Glass, reports the Associated Press. The charges include second-degree murder, official misconduct, and criminally negligent homicide. A federal judge issued warrants for Buen and Gould. Nichole Lentz, a spokesperson for the Clear Creek County sheriff, said both officers have been terminated. An internal investigation found that there were "policy and procedural failures," Lentz said.

Late on June 10, Glass called the police because his car was stuck. Videos show Glass refusing to get out of his car and telling police he is "terrified" while making heart shapes with his hand. When officers tried to persuade him to leave the car, negotiating with him for more than an hour, police said he was being uncooperative. They then broke into the vehicle and removed a knife from Glass. Once the window was shattered, Glass seemed to panic and grabbed a second knife. He was then shot with bean bag rounds and shocked with a stun gun. Footage shows Glass twisting in his seat and thrusting the knife toward an officer who approached the rear driver's side window. It was then that another officer fired his gun, hitting Glass six times. In September, Glass's mother, Sally, said that her son suffered from depression and he had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. She said he was "having a mental health episode" and was "petrified" the night he was killed.


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