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Texas Sheriff Probing Legality of DeSantis Migrant Flights

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may announce another round of migrant flights, despite the controversy that has surrounded his decision to send 50 undocumented immigrants to the wealthy resort island of Martha's Vineyard, reports Politico. With a Democratic Texas sheriff announcing on Monday that he is opening an investigation into whether DeSantis broke the law, lawyers representing about 30 migrants have said the brochures given to the migrants were likely misleading. DeSantis told Fox News that the allegations of the migrants being misled were "nonsense" and added: “Why wouldn’t they want to go, given where they were?” he said. “They were in really, really bad shape.”

DeSantis said a majority of the migrants were "homeless" and "hungry" and that they were fed and housed before being transported out of state. DeSantis made it clear that Republicans should use the immigration issue in the midterm elections. He believes the GOP should also campaign on crime and inflation. DeSantis is expected to announce a new tax cut package for 2023.


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