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Supreme Court's Trump Immunity Argument: 6 Key Points

It appears likely that the Supreme Court will offer former President Trump some protections from criminal prosecution, The Hill reports, in an analysis of Thursday's arguments before the court. The Hill outlined six key takeaways from the historic day at the Court. 1) Justice were wary of blanket claims, that former presidents should have absolute immunity for official acts while in the White House. Trump attorney D. John Sauer, argued that it's necessary to avoid chilling presidential decision-making. However, liberal justices questioned whether this would encourage future presidents to commit crimes. 2) Hypotheticals dominated the argument. (Would the president be protected if he, say, sold nuclear codes or ordered the military to assassinate a rival. 3) The trial will likely be delayed. 4) Justices probed Trump's argument, that he is the victim of a politicized prosecutor. " Justice Samuel Alito said that most prosecutors "are honorable people," who take their ethical responsibilities seriously. "But there have been exceptions, right?" he asked. 5) Conservative justices were annoyed by the election-interference charges. *Nobody knows what 'corrupt intent' means, Justice Neil Gorsuch said. 6) Justice agreed that the case carries huge stakes. "We're writing a rule for the ages," Gorsuch said.

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