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Supreme Court Begins Term; Guns, Social Media, Voting On Docket

The U.S. Supreme Court started its new term on Monday,. The justices have confirmed the hearing of 20 cases, raising issues involving guns, voting rights and social media. In the voting case from South Carolina, civil rights groups are advocating for the addition of another predominantly Black voting district in the state. There's only one predominantly Black voting district, and advocates believe there should be at least two. A gun rights case from Texas involves a man accused of a weeks-long shooting spree despite having a restraining order against him. The key matter for the justices to decide is whether he should have been allowed to possess a weapon in the first place, reports Scripps News.

Another case in the spotlight is about social media, and whether politicians can block individuals who criticize them publicly on these platforms. Additionally, there's a case involving the family behind the OxyContin-producing company and whether its members should bear personal liability for damages in the aftermath of the opioid epidemic. These cases coincide with ethics concerns. Some justices face accusations of receiving expensive gifts from political donors. Observerse are eager to see if the justices will adopt code of conduct.


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