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Study Finds Most Californians Affected By Gun Violence

A new study from the University of California Davis shows most Californians are affected by gun violence. Among those surveyed, two-thirds had an "experience of violence" (EV). This includes hearing gunshots in their neighborhood, learning of a violent death of someone in their social network or seeing a sidewalk memorial. Some 11 percent of respondents, or about 3.4 million Californians, experienced 3 or more EVs in their lifetime. The researchers also found that the highest reporting of EVs came from respondents who lived with gun owners but do not own a gun themselves. This group experienced more EVs than both gun owners and non gun owners.

The study, published in the journal Injury Epidemiology, aims to show a bigger picture on how violence affects communities. Past studies focused on individual victims. The team behind the study believes the results show how communities are disrupted by violence. They hope to educate the public and inform policy to reduce violence and suicide. The study was led by veteran gun researcher Garen Wintemute, who heads the university's Health Violence Prevention Research program.


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