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Federal Takeover Of NYC Rikers Island Jail May Be Imminent

A federal takeover of the Rikers Island jail complex could be imminent, as a court-appointed monitor is asking a judge to bring contempt proceedings against New York City over jail conditions, the Associated Press reports. The monitor said the city had failed to comply with a court order that aimed to curb violence and mismanagement inside Rikers Island. A federal judge indicated she would consider placing the jail in receivership less than a month ago, which would remove the city’s control of the jail.

In a nearly 300-page report, the court-appointed monitor described a “disturbing level of regression” since the city agreed to follow an action plan intended to stabilize the jail system last June. The department of correction repeatedly failed to consult the monitor, displaying an “unwillingness and inability to acknowledge the myriad of issues”, said monitor Steve Martin. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has opposed a federal takeover. The judge’s decision could come as soon as next month. Advocates for detainees have long believed a federal receivership is necessary to stem the violence on Rikers Island, where 19 people died last year, the highest number in a quarter century.


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