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FBI: In in 10 Hate Crimes Happened at Schools

Hate crimes committed at schools comprised as much as 10% of all reported hate crime offenses, according to FBI officials and their newly issued look at the issue, Reported Hate Crime at Schools: 2018-2022. The special report looks at how these offenses relate to each bias type within the school environment. Most commonly, the hate crimes were focused on Black or African American people, followed by Jewish and LGBTQ people. The crimes most frequently reported within the incidents were intimidation, destruction, simple assault, and damage and vandalism.  


During the time covered by the report, more than 4,300 hate crime offenses occurred at schools, which were the third most common place for hate crimes to take place, after homes and roadways, as illustrated in this breakdown of the report by Axios. Over 2,800 of these offenses, nearly two-thirds, occurred in elementary or secondary schools, involving students from preschool through 12th grade. The fourth quarter of the year, October through December, was the most common quarter for reported hate crimes to occur, with October being the most common month.


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