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Package Thefts Spur Outdoor Lockboxes And Prompt Customers to Stay Home

Package theft is seen as more of an annoyance. Studies have shown that it’s not often reported to police. But, with holidays approaching, Vox published a deep dive into package theft and its effects, on customers, retailers and shipping companies.

As Vox wrote: “For retailers, that is a tightrope act that requires keeping customers happy and not losing money, all while trying to navigate the maze of providing fast, cheap, and secure delivery of billions of dollars of clothes, electronics, medicine, and so much more to every corner of the country.” Most of the time, the piece concluded, shippers bear the brunt of the finger-pointing from both retailers and consumers – “even though there’s not much that they’re required to do about package theft. “

Those who don't have lockboxes may even schedule their days around packages. A report from C+R noted that half of people surveyed said they intentionally stay home on days when they know they’ll get a delivery. They’ll also spend extra money to protect their purchases, investing in security cameras or parcel lockboxes or shipping insurance. Parcel storage containers placed outside homes are one popular option, but they can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.


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