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No Second Draft Of Ruling Reversing Roe v. Wade Since February

Supreme Court justices are set to gather privately Thursday for the first time since the disclosure that they voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, and there’s no sign that the court is changing course from issuing that ruling. Justice Samuel Alito’s sweeping and blunt draft majority opinion dated in February overturning Roe remains the court’s only circulated draft in the pending Mississippi abortion case. None of the conservative justices who initially sided with Alito have to date switched their votes. No dissenting draft opinions have circulated from any justice, including the three liberals, reports Politico. That could explain why no second draft of Alito’s majority opinion has been distributed. As the justices prepare for their scheduled, private, closed-door conference, they face one of the greatest crises in modern Supreme Court history, with an internal leak investigation under way, a nation agitated over whether the constitutional right to abortion is about to be overturned, and some justices seeing angry protests at their homes. “This is the most serious assault on the court, perhaps from within, that the Supreme Court’s ever experienced,” said one person close to the court’s conservatives. “It’s an understatement to say they are heavily, heavily burdened by this.” A second person close to the court said the liberal justices “are as shocked as anyone” by the revelation. “There are concerns for the integrity of the institution,” the source said. “The views are uniform.”


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