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New Jersey Man Faces Charges For Trying To Board Plane With 3 Guns

A man who federal agents say tried to board a plane in New Jersey with three guns, including a semi-automatic rifle, and a fake law-enforcement ID, is in federal custody facing two charges. Seretse Clouden, who has a prior weapon-related conviction, is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and having a fraudulent ID. The incident occurred as Clouden, 42, of Wallington, N.J., tried to board a flight from Newark to Fort Lauderdale, Fl., on Dec. 30,, the Associated Press reports. Agents screening checked bags found ammunition and a ballistic vest emblazoned with “Deputy Marshal” in one of Clouden’s bags.

They retrieved more of his luggage from the plane and found an AR-15 rifle that “meets the definition of a machine gun,” another rifle, a handgun, a taser, a spring-loaded knife, an expandable baton, a “United States Marshal” badge and U.S. marshal credentials with Clouden’s name and photo, said FBI agent Christopher Granato. A U.S. magistrate said Monday that Clouden and prosecutors want more time to negotiate a plea agreement. Clouden was convicted in 2016 in New Jersey of unlawful possession of a weapon. Last year, the Transportation Security Administration seized a record 6,542 guns at airports. Most people who are stopped for having a gun at an airport checkpoint say they forgot they had the weapon with them.


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