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Mistaken Ohio Police Raid Left 1-Year-Old Baby Injured

The mayor of Elyria, Ohio, has ordered an investigation after a woman alleged that police officers who raided her home had the wrong address and deployed flash-bang devices that sent her 1-year-old to the hospital with burns, NBC News reports.  Police have offered a conflicting account of what happened Jan. 10, saying that they had executed a search warrant at the correct address and that the child did not "sustain any apparent, visible injuries." Courtney Price says audio from her Ring camera proves otherwise. In a clip shared exclusively with NBC News on Tuesday, someone can be heard saying, "It's the wrong house." It is not clear who made the remark because the camera fell to the ground and went dark after police deployed the flash-bang devices. Elyria Mayor Kevin A. Brubaker called the incident "serious and disturbing," announcing Saturday "a complete review of the incident." Price, a single mother who had moved from Kentucky to Elyria just a week before the raid, was at home with her baby, Waylon.

Waylon, who was born premature with a severe lung disease, and a hole in the heart, was in his swing on the floor by the window. Glass got on him when the windows blew out, Price said, and that the next day he stopped breathing. "We were told that he needed six more liters of oxygen, his ventilator needed turned up ... he had chemical pneumonitis, which is inflammation of the lungs and irritation of the lungs, and he had a chemical reaction and in and around his eyes," Price said. Elyria police, however, maintained that the child was not harmed during the operation. “Any allegation suggesting the child was exposed to chemical agents, lack of medical attention or negligence is not true,” police said. The department noted that the two flash-bangs were deployed outside the home and that such devices neither produce a continuous burn nor do they release or contain any pepper gas or chemical agents. Price is accusing the Elyria Police Department of negligence and poor detective work.


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