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Milwaukee Parade Killing Defendant Apologizes For Courtroom Behavior

The man police say drove an SUV into a Wisconsin Christmas parade crowd last year, killing six, tried to set a humbled and conciliatory tone Monday on returning to a Waukesha courtroom for his homicide trial, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Darrell Brooks Jr., 40, has been defending himself on 76 counts, including six charges of first-degree intentional homicide, tied to the Waukesha Christmas Parade shooting last November. Prosecutors say he drove down the crowded parade route, striking participants and attendees. Before testimony resumed, Brooks, wearing a suit, told Judge Jennifer Dorow he was sorry about his behavior last week. He often interrupted Dorow and was repeatedly moved to an adjacent courtroom. One day, he removed his orange jail shirt while in the courtroom.

"It was a very emotional situation," he said. "I should carry myself with better respect," adding that his mother didn't raise him to act like he did last week. He apologized to the court, the prosecutors, the clerks and bailiffs, even news reporters, and anyone else in the gallery. He did not specifically mention victims, several of whom attended the trial. The jury heard from the first Waukesha Fire Department commander on the scene, who described how quickly the alarm level escalated, ultimately involving 23 units from 15 municipalities.


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