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Man Used 'Ghost Gun' to Kill Daughters in Sacramento Church

The father who killed his three daughters and the chaperone overseeing his supervised visitation in a Sacramento, Ca., church last week used a homemade firearm to shoot his victims before turning the gun on himself, reports David Mora-Rojas, 39, was in the U.S. illegally when he gunned down his children with a “privately manufactured firearm,” also known as a “ghost gun.” An employee of The Church in Sacramento reported a man had opened fire inside the building on Feb. 28. Detectives learned that a church associate had previously phoned 911 after Mora-Rojas made alarming comments about acting violently while inside the church.

Deputies took Mora-Rojas into custody and transported him to a local hospital where authorities placed him on an involuntary psychiatric hold pending a medical evaluation. Police said that after the incident, Mora-Rojas began living at the church. Mora-Rojas’s wife obtained a restraining order that said he “could not possess firearms or ammunition.” The gun Mora-Rojas used was an “AR style rifle” with “no serial number or manufacturer markings, police said. In addition to the illegal ghost gun, investigators said Mora-Rojas was ound with an illegal extended 30-round magazine.


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