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Man Killed in Unprovoked Shooting on NYC Subway Train

A man shot and killed a passenger on a New York City subway train in what police said appeared to be an unprovoked attack. The incident happened on a Q train travelling over Manhattan Bridge at about 11.40 a.m. Sunday, when the subway is often filled with families, tourists and people heading to brunch. Witnesses told police the assailant was pacing the last car of the train, “and without provocation, pulled out a gun and fired it at the victim at close range”, said Kenneth Corey of the New York Police Department, the Associated Press reports. The victim, Daniel Enriquez, 48, died in a hospital. The gunman fled at Canal Street station in Manhattan. Corey said witnesses could not recall any interactions between the gunman and the victim in the run-up to the shooting. A single 9mm shell casing was recovered at the scene. The shooting came at a time when New Yorkers’ faith in the safety of the subway system had been rattled. Last month, a man opened fire on a Brooklyn train, scattering random shots that wounded 10 people. Mayor Eric Adams, has made a crackdown on violent crime the primary focus of his administration. The former police captain rode the subway to City Hall on his first day as mayor. He said he did not feel safe on the train after encountering a yelling passenger and several homeless people, saying the city needed to tackle “actual crime” as well as “the perception of crime.”


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