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Majors Convicted In Domestic Violence Case; Marvel Drops Him

Actor Jonathan Majors, once a promising and fast-rising Hollywood star, was found guilty on two out of four charges in a domestic violence criminal case in New York City on Monday. He was convicted of two counts — assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree — relating to an incident with his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Each charge is considered a misdemeanor in New York, NPR reports. In the mixed verdict, the jury found Majors innocent of intentional assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree, essentially saying they did not believe Majors intendied to hurt Jabbari. Majors' lawyer described him as both "grateful" and "disappointed." Majors has already experienced major career fallout. Marvel and Disney, which had been priming audiences to expect a major upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film starring Majors, dropped the actor.

The encounter between Majors and Jabbari took place in Manhattan on Mar. 25. Prosecutors accused Majors, 34, of attacking Jabbari in the back of a car, and then picking her up and pushing her back into the car when she tried to follow him out of the vehicle at a downtown intersection. The two had argued in the car after Jabbari saw a text Majors had received from another woman; prosecutors said Jabbari grabbed the actor's phone and Majors reacted by pulling her finger, twisting her arm behind her back, and hitting her in the head in an attempt to retrieve his phone. Majors eventually jumped out of the car at an intersection. When Jabbari tried to follow him, Majors shoved her back into the car. Majors then ran down the street, with Jabbari chasing after him. Majors went to a hotel, while Jabbari – who testified that she didn't want to be alone after the attack – went out to a club. When Majors returned to his apartment hours later, he allegedly found her unconscious, and called 911 to report that he thought she may have tried to commit suicide.


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