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Las Vegas Faculty Killer Had Mailed 22 Envelopes To Educators

The shooter who killed three University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) faculty members Wednesday mailed at least 22 envelopes without a return address to education professionals across the U.S. before entering the campus with a Taurus handgun and 11 magazines of ammunition, says Clark County, Nv., Sheriff Kevin McMahill. One envelope contained a white powdery substance that is being analyzed by police, reports News From The States. Two of the victims were Patricia Navarro Velez, 39, an associate accounting professor and Business Professor Cha Jan Chang, 64. The shooter, Anthony James Polito, 67, applied for a number of positions at Nevada institutions of higher learning and was denied employment. McMahill did not call the rejections the motive for the shooting, despite discovering a target list in his Henderson, Nv., apartment.

“The suspect had a list of people he was seeking on the university campus as well as faculty from Eastern Carolina University,” McMahill said. “We have contacted almost everyone on those lists to make sure that they are a. right" None of the three people killed were named as targets on the lists, McMahill said. The first campus police officer arrived 78 seconds after being notified of shots fired in Beam Hall. Polito later pulled out a weapon and engaged in a gun battle captured on a surveillance camera. “The suspect was struck multiple times and collapsed to the ground,” McMahill said. UNLV Police Chief Adam Garcia called two responding detectives "heroes," saying “They risked their lives in order to save countless others in what the sheriff pointed out could have been a bloodbath.” Polito had 150 rounds of additional ammunition. McMahill believes Polito was headed to a nearby student union ".full of kids having a barbecue and playing Legos."


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