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Killers of Ahmaud Arbery Face Civil Rights Trial After Getting Life Terms

While Greg McMichael and his son, Travis, are appealing their convictions for the murder of Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery, they face a second trial on federal hate crime charges. In a court hearing, their neighbor "Roddie" Bryan, who also was convicted, said he heard Travis say a racial slur while Arbery lay dying. Arbery's mother says the men were motivated by racism. Although the men already face life in prison, Arbery's family members are continuing to comment on the case to expose "the issue of race in this country." Jury selection for the second trial will begin Feb. 7, the Associated Press reports.

The three white men who chased and killed Arbery were sentenced to life in prison. They were convicted of murder for hunting down and shooting the 25-year-old black man they spotted running in their neighborhood, claiming they suspected he was a burglar. Judge Timothy Walmsley denied the possibility of parole for the McMichaels. Bryan will be eligible after serving at least 30 years. The McMichaels' defense team argued that the killing was unplanned. Family members described Arbery as "a positive thinker with a big personality" and a sense of humor. He was enrolled in technical college to become an electrician. His supporters celebrated the long sentences outside the courthouse on Friday.


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