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Justice Department Adds Sites to Public Safety Partnership Program

The Justice Department is adding five sites to its Public Safety Partnership (PSP) program, says Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. At the 2022 National Summit to Reduce Violence and Strengthen Communities, Monaco discussed how DOJ works to help keep neighborhoods and communities safe from the threat of gun violence. The PSP program is one way of battling this threat, as it is an "innovative framework established by the Department of Justice to enhance federal support for state, local and Tribal law enforcement and prosecution authorities that are seeing surges in violent crime,." she said. The added sites will further the program's presence across the nation, with nearly 50 sites already in place.

In addition to PSP, DOJ has a Project Safe Neighborhoods Program (PSN) that also seeks to improve community safety. The PSN is described as a "nationwide initiative that brings together officials, prosecutors, and community leaders to identify the most pressing crime problems in a community and develop solutions to address them." Monaco said PSN has more than two decades of results that have helped communities address gun- and drug-related violence. "PSN and PSP reflect our commitment to ensuring that everyone on the frontlines has access to the resources, information, and experts they need to perform at the highest levels," Monaco said.


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