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Jurors To Decide What Jones Must Pay For Defaming Newtown Victims

A Connecticut jury will soon decide the dollar amount that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should pay for promoting the idea that the Sandy Hook school shooting In Newtown, Ct., was a hoax, reports the Associatedd Press. Last year, a judge found Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, liable by default for defaming and inflicting emotional distress on the plaintiffs – eight families that lost loved ones in the 2012 massacre. Many family members have taken the stand to talk about the loss of someone they love, as well as being harassed by those that believe the shooting never happened. Some have received death and rape threats, mail from conspiracy theorists that included photos of dead children and have been involved in confrontations with people telling them their children, wives or mothers never existed.

Robbie Parker took the stand Wednesday and spoke about the day after his daughter Emilie was murdered. He was captured on camera cracking a nervous smile when he approached the microphone. Jones then pounced on him, publicly calling him a "crisis actor" on his Infowars show. Soon after, Parker said he began to get hateful comments on social media. Jones' lawyer, Norman Pattis is trying to limit any damages the jury awarded/ He tried to show that Jones was not directly involved with the harassment and threats families received. In recent years, Jones has acknowledged the massacre happened but says the families of victims are being used to push for gun-control and anti-free-speech agenda. Jones is expected to retake the stand next week.


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