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In Reversal, Spokesman Says Trump Did Not Buy A Gun In SC

A Donald Trump campaign spokesperson said the ex-president did not purchase a Glock firearm after initially tweeting that he had done so during a visit to a gun store in South Carolina. Trump’s visit to the store came ahead of a speech in Summerville, S.C., on Monday. Spokesman Steven Cheung initially wrote on X that Trump had purchased a Glock firearm. Cheung posted a video of Trump in which he points to a firearm and says, “I want to buy one.” Cheung’s video and a separate post by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) showed Trump posing with the gun. Among those with Trump were Greene and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson,, whose endorsement, along with 12 others, were touted by the Trump campaign.

“Trump spokesman Steven Cheung clarifies to CNN that Trump did not actually purchase a gun while visiting the armory in South Carolina,” the network reported. It is a federal crime to receive a firearm while under felony indictment or to sell a firearm to someone under felony indictment. Trump currently faces 91 counts across four criminal indictments. The laws are among a series of provisions that have come under constitutional challenges after the Supreme Court’s landmark expansion of gun rights last year. Among those challenges are a Supreme Court case about a gun possession ban for people under domestic-violence restraining orders. Hunter Biden, the president’s son, has raised constitutional questions about being charged for possessing a gun while being an unlawful drug user.


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