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In Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Shooting, Law Enforcement Seek Answers

A shooting on Wednesday afternoon as thousands of football fans had crowded into downtown Kansas City, Missouri, left one dead and 21 others wounded — including 11 children. But many questions remain about the incident, including the identity of the shooter, and a motive, the New York Times reports. On Wednesday night, authorities said they had detained three people, but no charges had been filed. The police were trying to determine whether one of the three in custody had been tackled by fans at the rally, referring to videos circulating online, and they requested help from anyone in the public who had been at the celebration and had videos. The police chief, Stacey Graves, said the authorities were still working to identify the deceased victim and notify the person’s family.

The shooting began around 2 p.m., a few hours after the officially scheduled start of the celebration. Dana Brady and her 14-year-old daughter heard a “pop, pop, pop,” and they froze for a moment, Ms. Brady recalled. Then a blur of people ran toward them, she said, and Ms. Brady and her daughter began trying to climb over barricades in search of safety. Eventually, they ran into Union Station. They sat down beside a woman and her young children, who were crying. “We talked about this in school,” Ms. Brady said, recounting a conversation among the children. “To turn off our phones and be very quiet.”


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