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Illinois Bans Military-Style Weapons; Current Owners Must Register

Illinois lawmakers have banned the "sale, manufacturing or delivery" of military-style weapons, and will require current owners to register them, reports Axios. This new legislation comes six months after a gunman legally purchased an assault weapon to murder seven and injure dozens at a Fourth of July Parade in Highland Park. Illinois became the ninth state to adopt a version of the ban when Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed it into law Tuesday. Votes for the measure split largely along party lines, with almost every Democrat voting for it and every Republican against it, with one exception. GOP minority leader Rep. Jim Durkin voted for the measure before resigning Tuesday. In the Senate, four Democrats voted no and three abstained.

House Speaker Chris Welch called the ban "one of the strongest" in the nation. The law bans the sale of dozens of assault weapons, including the AR-15 style that was used by the Highland Park gunman, and allows state police to add to that list in the future. It restricts high-capacity magazines to 10 rounds for long guns and 15 rounds for handguns. Current owners of the prohibited weapons must register them with state police. The law also expedites background checks. The law "will help save lives and reduce the trauma inflicted upon communities across our state," Protect Illinois Communities President Becky Carroll said. Yet, many House Republicans contend the law is unconstitutional and won't reduce violent crime.Illinois State Rifle Association officials are vowing to challenge the law.


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