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Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Seek Probe Of Laptop Data Leaks

Lawyers for Hunter Biden are requesting that federal and state investigators look into people who accessed and spread personal data from his stolen laptop, including Rudy Giuliani and a number of allies of former President Trump, in a series of letters sent Wednesday. The letters to the attorney general of Delaware, the Department of Justice and the IRS allege that right-wing figures trafficked the information that was stolen from Biden’s laptop and used it to weaponize attacks against him and his family, the Hill reports. It is the first time Biden’s legal team has publicly acknowledged that it was his personal data that was found on an abandoned laptop at a Delaware repair shop. The offensive marks a new strategy in Biden’s legal maneuvers as House Republicans have teed up their investigations into the president’s son.

The letter to the Delaware attorney general accuses John Paul Mac Isaac, who owned the repair shop where the laptop was left, of accessing the computer in an unauthorized manner, which they say he distributed to the New York Post for a story before the 2020 election. The attorneys also asked for investigations into Giuliani and Stephen Bannon. Mac Isaac’s attorney, Brian Della Rocca, said he was still “wrapping [his] head around” the letters. He blasted the messages from Biden’s legal team as an attempt to direct attention away from Biden. “After skimming the letters, the only thing I see is a privileged person hiring yet another high-priced attorney to redirect attention away from his own unlawful actions,” Della Rocca said. The existence of Biden’s laptop has been a fixation of conservative media and Republican lawmakers since Joe Biden started his run for office. The laptop appears to contain a massive record of documents, including business dealings, personal photos and emails. The FBI seized the laptop in December 2019. Republicans, in their new House majority, have sworn to investigate Biden and his family. The promise of oversight of the president’s son was one of the party’s main campaign points in the 2022 midterm elections.


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