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Grand Jury: Mississippi Officer Who Shot Boy Did Not Act Criminally

A Mississippi grand jury said an officer who shot and wounded an 11-year-old boy in his home committed no criminal conduct, NPR reports. The boy had called the authorities for help. Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said she would will take no action against Sgt. Greg Capers, who shot Aderrien Murry. Fitch said her office completed its review into the May 20 incident involving Capers in Indianola, Miss., and presented it to the grand jury in Sunflower County, Miss., on Wednesday. Aderrien's mother, Nakala Murry, is asking for the body camera footage from the incident to be released publicly. "Watching that footage was nothing I was prepared for emotionally, but it was something I had to do," she said.

Nakala Murry said she told her son to call the police after the father of one of her other children came to their home in an "irate" mood. After arriving at the Murry family home, police instructed everyone inside to come out with their hands up. Nakala Murry says that when the 11-year-old emerged from around a corner, running toward the door. Capers opened fire. Murry suffered a collapsed lung, fractured rib and lacerated liver. In May, his family filed a $5 million federal lawsuit, which argues that the police officers who responded to the domestic disturbance call acted in a way that was "so outrageous that it shocks the moral and legal conscience of the community." The lawsuit names the city of Indianola along with the two police officials as defendants. The suit accuses the police department of gross negligence and reckless disregard, in addition to failing to train and supervise its officers properly.


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