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Former San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Won't Run for Re-Election

Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin said Thursday that he would not run to take back the seat he lost in June’s recall election, Politico reports. Many voters felt that Boudin, a progressive prosecutor, had undermined public safety with overly lenient charges for suspects. Boudin was ousted by a ten-point margin in June’s recall election. In a Tweet, Boudin said he was putting his family first. San Francisco Mayor London Breed replaced Boudin with Brooke Jenkins, a former prosecutor who worked under Boudin.

Jenkins's views on public safety differ from Boudin's. She criticized his blanket ban on charging minors as adults. She fired several prosecutors who worked under Boudin and replaced them. She is also undoing many drug plea deals made by Boudin. Jenkins believes that San Francisco needs to punish drug dealers more harshly. In his Twitter statement, Boudin said he was “deeply concerned” by some of the actions of the new district attorney. Without Boudin running against her, Jenkins is expected to win for a full four-year term.


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