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Florida Gov. DeSantis Removes 'Woke' Tampa Prosecutor Warren

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports. DeSantis called Warren “woke” and accused him of not properly enforcing state laws. Democrats were critical of DeSantis’s decision. Warren called the decision a “political stunt” and an “illegal overreach.” They believe he is using his position as governor to push his own political agenda. U.S. Rep Charlie Crist, who is running in the Democratic primary for governor, called DeSantis a “dictator” for putting partisan politics first. Warren is a Democrat who was using his position to push for criminal justice reform. Republicans believe that reforms lead to an increase in time. DeSantis said Warren was “putting himself above the law.” Republicans are arguing that progressive criminal justice policies are ineffective, pointing out cities like San Francisco that recently recalled the district attorney.

Warren was first elected into the position in 2016 and re-elected in 2020 with 53 percent of the vote. Warren supported access to gender-affirming medical treatment for transgender people, which was criticized by the governor. Warren also said that he would not prosecute women seeking an abortion. Florida has a 15-week abortion ban. Critics believe that Warren’s vow to not prosecute abortion cases was the final straw for DeSantis. Supporters of DeSantis applaud the decision to oust Warren and believe it will send a strong message to attorneys who won’t prosecute abortion seekers. Ultimately, the Florida Senate will decide whether or not Warren’s removal is legitimate. This decision is unlikely to happen before the November midterm elections.


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