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Federal Tax Investigation of Hunter Biden Gains Momentum

A federal tax investigation of Hunter Biden is gaining momentum as prosecutors gather information from his associates about sources of his foreign income, including from Ukraine, and examine President Biden’s son’s relationship with a company that handled some of his finances, the Wall Street Journal reports. In recent weeks, the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office has sought information and grand-jury testimony about the money Biden received several years ago from Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings Ltd., and how he used that money to pay some obligations.

Prosecutors extensively questioned at least one other associate of Hunter Biden about his drug and alcohol use, spending habits and state of mind in 2018, suggesting prosecutors are exploring whether such activity would present a defense against a potential criminal tax case. Prosecutors may seek to get such testimony on the record to secure it before the defense gets a chance to present it more favorably at trial. “It doesn’t necessarily mean an indictment is imminent, but it is indicative of trying to lock in testimony with an eye towards a potential trial someday,” said former federal tax prosecutor Matt Mueller. Prosecutors have called several Biden associates and other witnesses to testify before the grand jury as part of a wide-ranging investigation into Biden’s business dealings. They are examining whether he violated tax or other laws, including those on lobbying for foreign governments, through business relationships in Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan and elsewhere.


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