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Federal Court Rejects El Chapo's Petition For Habeas Corpus Relief

A federal New York court rejected the petition of El Chapo, also known as Joaquin Guzman, for habeas corpus relief, Courthouse News reports. His petition said he did not have access to his assets and is not in communications with one of his several appeals lawyers. The court rejected his claim of ineffectiveness of counsel on a few counts, including his claim that his legal team did not suggest a plea agreement, though El Chapo was approached and told the court that he did not want a plea deal.

The court also rejected Guzman’s appeal for a review of the 2019 ruling that sentenced him to life in prison, The Hill reports. In the rejection, U.S. District Court Judge Brian Cogan shot down several arguments made to vacate the convictions for the many crimes he committed, including conducting a criminal enterprise, drug trafficking conspiracies, unlawful use of a firearm and money laundering conspiracy. “Petitioner has not demonstrated adequate grounds for the appointment of counsel, so that motion is denied. His habeas corpus petition is also without merit, and it is therefore also denied,” Cogan wrote in the filing.


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