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Fact Checker: Trump References To Hillary Clinton 'False Equivalence'

In the face of an investigation from special counsel Jack Smith into his handling of classified documents, Former President Trump has taken to posting and talking about Hillary Clinton's emails in 2016. During a speech at his Bedminster, N.J., golf club, Trump made false claims about Clinton's emails and mixed partial facts and invented assertions into false equivalence, the Washington Post Fact Checker says. Trump's allies have also repeated the comparisons between the investigation into Trump and Clinton's emails, suggesting that there is a two-tiered federal justice system.

The fact checker refuted multiple claims Trump made at his Bedminster speech Trump claimed that Clinton "set up an illegal private server in her basement... with the deliberate intention of violating public information law so she could hide her pay-for-play scandals at the Clinton Foundations or whatever.” The fact checker said this was fiction, and also said that allegations Clinton stored "vast quantities of classified and sensitive information on her illicit server" were mostly false. Allegations that what Clinton did was illegal was also refuted, although the fact checker said her actions were "ill advised."


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