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Ex-Phila. Deputy Accused Of Illegal Sale Of Guns In School Shooting

A former Philadelphia sheriff's deputy was charged with illegally selling firearms used in a fatal school shooting. Samir Ahmad, 29, was arrested last week for firearms trafficking and selling to a person unlawfully in the U.S., the Justice Department said. He allegedly sold two semi-automatic pistols that had been used in a Philadelphia high school shooting two weeks earlier, as well as selling ammunition to an FBI informant, USA Today reports. On Sept. 27, at least four people opened fire on a group of high schoolers leaving a football scrimmage at Roxborough High School. Ahmad sold the guns used in that shooting to an FBI informant on Oct. 13. “The fact that the defendant had access to these guns so quickly after they were used to commit such a horrific crime speaks volumes about the danger that this defendant poses to the community,” court documents say.

During the gun sale, the FBI informant told Ahmad he was illegally living in the U.S. and could be deported if he was caught with the gun. Ahmad responded: “You don’t got to worry about none of that." He made $3,000 from that sale. Five days later, Ahmad sold another pistol and over two ounces of meth to the informant. He was fired and arrested the next day. Ahmad has been a sheriff's deputy since 2018, and reportedly had a poor record of attendance at work. “Plainly, this fact suggests that the defendant made more money through the illegal sale of firearms and drugs than he did showing up for his job as a sworn law enforcement officer, and the profits made through his illegal side business influenced his decision-making more than his call to service through his legitimate employment,” said charging documents.


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