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Crime A Top Concern In Pre-Election Survey, Behind Economy, Abortion

Crime is a top concern of 40 percent of Americans with midterm elections a week away, says a new Gallup survey. About 49 percent of registered voters list the economy as a top concern, while 42 percent say abortion is extremely important, the Hill reports. Compared with Gallup polling in June, the percentage of voters listing abortion as extremely important dropped one percentage point, while those listing the economy as a major concern in the survey Monday fell from 54 percent in June. Gun policy anked as a major issue in June, with 55 percent saying it was extremely important after the May 24 shooting at an Uvalde, Tx. school. In the latest Gallup poll, 38 percent list gun policy as extremely important, similar to immigration at 37 percent.

The findings come as voting is already under way in many states and the Nov. 8 election day draws near, with Republicans expected to pick up seats in the House and Senate. Republicans are continuing to campaign on the economy as inflation remains around a 40-year high and fears of a recession loom. Crime has been a major talking point for Republican candidates, who have targeted the issue in campaign ads. Republicans are more likely to list the economy as a major concern at 64 percent, Gallup says. GOP voters list immigration and crime both in second place, tied at 55 percent each. Democrats are divided between abortion, with 51 percent listing the issue as extremely important, and climate change at 49 percent.


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