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College Campus Rape Suspect Remains On The Loose Years Later

Two years after a former Gettysburg College student finally saw charges filed over her 2013 campus sexual assault, the man suspected of sending her a Facebook message that said, “ So I raped you,” remains on the run. Shannon Keeler, 28, and her attorneys question how Ian Cleary has avoided capture in an age when people are tracked by their cellphones, internet connections, security cameras and credit card purchases. Investigators, led by the U.S. Marshals Service, believe the 30-year-old from Silicon Valley is likely overseas and on the move, the Associated Press reports. “How is he financially supporting himself? How is he able to travel abroad without detection? Has he assumed a false identity?” asked Andrea Levy,of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, who represents Keeler. “Who’s helping him?”

Keeler was sexually assaulted on a snowy December night in her dorm room. She texted friends for help even before he fled, and went to police the same day. For years, officials declined her pleas to file charges, even after she showed them the startling Facebook messages she discovered in 2020. They reversed course weeks after she went public in an Associated Press story that examined the reluctance of local agencies to prosecute campus sexual assaults. For Keeler, the years of limbo have been painful, even as she moves forward with her life and career. She works for a software company and is getting married this fall. She remains on high alert for an arrest that could come at any time, knowing a trial could disrupt her life for months or years. After leaving Gettysburg, Cleary, 30, graduated from Santa Clara University in California, worked for Tesla, then moved to France for several years, according to his website, which describes his self-published medieval fiction. Adams County District Attorney Brian Sinnett, who filed the arrest warrant in 2021, called the duration of the search “somewhat frustrating.”


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