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Border Patrol Twitter Account Halted After Miller Post Retweets

A West Texas Border Patrol Twitter account will be deactivated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), after it included retweets of far-right posts from Stephen Miller, reports The Hill. Miller was the key architect of former President Trump’s immigration policy as a senior White House adviser. The removed content on the CBP Twitter account consisted of two retweeted posts from Miller, including one in which Miller ranted against perceived criminals. In another post retweeted by CBP West Texas, Miller took aim at the media, saying its “greatest power is its ability to frame what is a dire national crisis (e.g. “cops are racist” summer ’20) and what is not.” The immigration policies Miller helped shape under Trump were criticized as being racist and based on fear-mongering. Reportedly, he helped craft Trump’s travel ban, which targeted Muslim countries; the 450-mile long steel bollard wall on the Mexican border; and the family separation policy.

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said the retweeted content was removed and the Office of Professional Responsibility was investigating the situation. A CBP statement said the retweets from the CBP West Texas account "do not reflect the values of this administration and our work to rebuild a humane, orderly, and secure immigration system.”


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