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Biden Touting Federal Grants To Fight Urban Crime

The Biden administration is working to show how federal dollars are helping cities fight crime while also providing for job opportunities for youth in communities affected by violence. Biden is speaking Wednesday afternoon about how his American Rescue plan has helped Detroit pay for bonuses and hire 200 additional officers, Milwaukee fund gun crime investigations and Chicago better focus on community violence intervention efforts. Doug Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, is hosting a roundtable on $85 million in federal grants meant to improve job opportunities for youth in communities affected by gun violence and crime, reports the Associated Press.

Cities that have benefited from federal funding include Detroit, which invested more than $100 million for public safety, and in 2023 it had the fewest homicides since 1966; 18% fewer than 2022, the White House said. Chicago used $100 million in federal funding for public safety and community violence intervention efforts that target communities at the highest risk for violence. The city saw a 13% drop in homicides last year and nonfatal shootings also declined, the White House said.“It’s clear that with gun violence now being the number one cause of premature death for all youth in America, that we must take an all-of-government public health approach to address this crisis,” said Greg Jackson of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Jackson said grants to communities will help provide key resources for community organizations and government leaders and will invest in those most at risk for violence. The grants will be open to nonprofits, governments and civic leaders to fund education, skills training and paid work experience. The money is being made available through the Labor Department’s employment and training administration.


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