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Baltimore Prosecutor Releases List Of 305 Cops With Credibility Issues

A Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office list of more than 300 Baltimore police officers with credibility issues, many of whom continue to be called to testify in court, has been made public for the first time after a court ordered its release last fall, the Baltimore Sun reports. State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby told a state policing commission in December 2019 that she maintained a list of police officers about whom she had concerns regarding and whether their testimony in court could be trusted. There has been concern for years about officers on the list being allowed to testify. Deborah Katz Levi of the city's public defender's office called Wednesday for Mosby to disclose more information about the officers.

The identities of the 305 officers are now public after Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT), a nonprofit, won a lengthy court battle to force Mosby to release the list. The newly released list nearly triples the number of names on a list Mosby released in October 2021. Unlike the October list, the vast majority of those on the new list are still employed by the Baltimore Police Department. Mosby said she wanted to release the list but she could not, stating that it would be a personnel record under the Maryland Public Information Act. She also said that many of the allegations against officers were "unfounded and unsubstantiated," so it would be "unfair and unethical" to release the names. The new list does not have any description of the behavior or incident that created the credibility concerns. Without that information, it is impossible to determine exactly what the issue is with each officer, said Iman Freeman of BALT.


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