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As Student Loan Payments Resume, So Do Forgiveness Scams

Scammers are targeting current and former college students who have been affected by student loan uncertainty over the past few years as payments are set to resume, Scripps News reports. Like so many college students, Jamie Booth is so confused by the on-again, off-again talk of student loan forgiveness. "I heard that they were doing some forgiveness under President Biden, and then they cut it," she said. She is mostly correct. Now, she is getting flooded with emails about loan forgiveness programs, but she's skeptical. Financial attorney Leslie Tayne says any program promising to eliminate your student debt completely isn't real.

"Especially the federal student loan debt," she said. "Given the recent decision by the Supreme Court, currently, there is no program that eliminates in total the student loan debt the way the program was designed." She says scams come in the form of emails, texts, letters, and increasingly, through posts on social media. The best source of information on federal student loans is, where one can enroll in the government's new "Save Plan." If there is difficulty paying, the first step should be to contact the loan servicer, which can be done by connecting through


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