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Agents Missed Intoxicated Intruder At Biden Security Adviser Home

The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how an intruder made his way into the home of President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, in the middle of the night without his Secret Service protective detail knowing about it, USA Today reports. The incident occurred about two weeks ago at Sullivan’s Washington, D.C., home while several Secret Service agents were standing guard outside. The incident is the latest in a string of embarrassing episodes that raise questions about the competence of the agency whose mission is to protect the president and and other prominent U.S. officials here in the U.S. and while traveling overseas. The man, who the Secret Service did not identify, apparently walked in through an unlocked door at about 3 a.m., leading to a confrontation with Sullivan. The individual left after Sullivan told him to get out. Agents were unaware of the intruder until Sullivan came out and told them.

The intruder appeared to be intoxicated and confused about where he was, and whose house he had entered, said one official, adding that there were no immediate indications that the individual knew or sought to harm Sullivan. “We have launched a mission assurance investigation to examine how this occurred with a security detail stationed outside,” the official said. “Any deviation from our protective protocols is unacceptable and if discovered, personnel will be held accountable.” The Secret Service also said that “modifications to the protective posture have also been made to ensure additional security layers are in place as we conduct this comprehensive review.”  According to Secret Service protocol, anyone caught trespassing on the property of one of its protectees would be questioned and likely detained, arrested and charged. The Secret Service official said the intruder had already left the scene by the time Sullivan alerted agents to his presence in his home.


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