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A Guide To The Many Police Agencies Not Reporting Crime Data

Nearly 40 percent of the 18,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies failed to report crime data to the FBI's database in 2021 after the transition to a new collection system. The transition creates huge gaps in national crime stats sure to be exploited by politicians, reports the Marshall Project. The missing data are not random — in some of the largest states like California, Florida and New York, most agencies did not report data.

The Marshall Project published a chart showing which agencies submitted data as of Feb.7, the deadline for local agencies to submit figurew for the 2021 fourth quarter report. Local agencies had until March 7 to submit data for the FBI's 2021 national crime report. Criminologists fear the missing data means the nation will not get reliable crime data for years to come. If a local police department did not report data to the FBI, it would also mean scholars, policy makers and the public cannot compare crime in their community with other places.


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