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5 Dead, 3 Injured in Colorado Shooting Spree

A shooting spree left five people dead and three others injured, including a police officer, after a running gun battle across Denver and a neighboring suburb, USA Today reports. The suspect is among the dead. Police believe the suspect fired a firearm in at least seven different locations across Denver and Lakewood, Co., Monday evening. The suspect shot two women and one man male. Both women died, and the man was injured. Shortly after, the suspect shot another man in a different part of Denver, killing him. Police believe there was a third shooting in Denver.

After the three shootings in Denver, police officers identified a car associated with the suspect that led to an exchange of gunfire between police and the suspect. The suspect was able to disable the police vehicle, then fled to the adjoining suburb of Lakewood. Police spokesman John Romero said officers identified the suspect's car shortly after he fled Denver. The suspect opened fire on police, then fled on foot. The suspect then threatened another business with a firearm, before entering a Hyatt hotel and shooting a clerk. Again, the suspect fled, shooting a Lakewood police officer in the process. The suspect was shot dead in Lakewood.


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