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2021 Mass Shooting Total Was The Highest In Seven Years

In the first three days of the year,, there have been at least nine mass shootings nationwide that left 10 people dead and 29 others injured, says the Gun Violence Archives, reports The Trace. There have been at least 280 gun violence deaths across the U.S. as of Monday. The archive released its preliminary 2021 year-end statistics, including 691 mass shootings, the most since the organization started tracking them in 2014. There were 20,658 gun deaths, 40,358 gun injuries and 24,090 gun suicides. The suicide number is an estimate from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Several cities reported lower homicide numbers last year amid an nationwide increase in the killings total of several percentage points, said AH Datalytics and news reports. Among them are Boston, 26 percent, Dallas, 11 percent, Jacksonville, 25 percent, Kansas City, 12 percent, Miami, 15 percent, Seattle, 22 percent, and St. Louis, 25 percent.


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