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North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission

North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission

How is your agency structured?

The Governor’s Crime Commission is a division under the umbrella of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Please list the federal and state grants your agency administers.

  • Byrne Justice Assistance Grants

  • State Crisis Intervention Program

  • Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative

  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Victims of Crime Act

  • Violence Against Women

  • Sexual Assault Services Formula

  • Children's Justice Act

  • Juvenile Justice (Title II)

  • State Justice Statistics

  • Justice Counts Implementation Program

  • Paul Coverdell National Forensic Sciences Improvement

  • Project Safe Neighborhood (Eastern, Middle and Western Districts)


  • PREA

  • Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program

  • John R. Justice


What are your top three current priorities or focus areas?

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the state, to enhance public safety and to reduce and prevent crime by improving the criminal justice system. We do this through data analysis, research and development of criminal justice issues and grants.

Our main grant priorities tend to focus on:

  • Supporting Local and State Enforcement

  • Supporting Victim’s Rights and Victim’s Services

  • Supporting Juvenile Programs that address At-Risk Youths

What is the main thing you would like other NCJA members to know about your agency?

The Governor's Crime Commission (GCC) is the chief advisory body to the Governor and the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety on crime and justice issues. GCC administers federal and state grants and is the State Administering Agency (SAA) for many federal block and formula grant programs. Within GCC is the Criminal Justice Analysis Center which researches criminal justice policy and trends in North Carolina. The Criminal Justice Analysis Center recently established the North Carolina Justice Data Portal an analytics dashboard for criminal justice data online. Since its inception in 1967, GCC has worked on emerging issues of the time such as speed limits, school resource officers, school violence, law enforcement connectivity, gangs, mass violence, raising the juvenile age, racial equity in traffic stops and modernization of victim reporting.

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