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Advisory Council (Regional Reps)

The NCJA Advisory Council helps the Board of Directors formulate and guide the policy and direction of the association. The Advisory Council is composed of the SAA from each member state and 12 elected Regional Representatives. Council members select the Board of Directors and NCJA Officers.

Midwest Region

Lori Pesci, Deputy Directory, Summit (OH) County Division of Public Safety
Melissa Pierson, Deputy Director of Justice Services, Franklin County Office of Homeland Security & Justice Programs

Connie Kostelac, Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin
[Alternate] Larry E. Sachs, Greater Chicago Reentry Coalition

Northeast Region

Christine Cole, VP - Executive Director, Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ

Anne Jordan, Manager of Criminal Process and Specialty Dockets for the State of Maine Courts

Ganesha Martin, Vice President of Public Policy and Community Affairs, Mark 43

[Alternate] Scott McLaren, Deputy Director, DE Criminal Justice Council


Southern Region

Maggi M. Duncan, Executive Director/CEO, Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police
Joe Corey, Deputy Director, SC Attorney General's Office, Crime Victim Services Division

William Gibbons, Executive Director, Public Safety Institute, University of Memphis

[Alternate] Kay Chopard Cohen, Chopard Consulting Inc.

Western Region

David Mauroff, Vice President of Operations, Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco
Dan Spencer, Retired former Director of Administrative Services for Alaska departments of Public Safety (Alaska SAA) and Law
Anthony Vidale, Deputy Director and Program Manager, AZ Criminal Justice Commission

[Alternate] Scott Donaldson, Director/Chief Administrator, Collin College Law Enforcement Academy

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