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Tammy Woodhams

Director, Programs and Grants Training

Tammy oversees the National Center for Grants Management at NCJA. In the last 18 months, she has provided grants management and administration training for over 400 participants and designed and delivered more than 11 training programs in 10 states. She has worked with other national organizations such as NDAA and NAJIS to create and deliver trainings for their audiences. She has hosted NCJA's National Grant Management Training Day, featuring SAAs and grant managers from around the country as well as trainers from U.S. DOJ BJA and the OCFO at the National Forum on Criminal Justice every year for the past 4 years. She is a certified grant management specialist (CGMS) through the National Grants Management Association (NGMA), and is a certified project management professional (PMP).

Tammy also works to assist the executive director to promote, coordinate, facilitate, and deliver training and technical assistance designed to enhance justice planning and build capacity of state, local and tribal governments across the nation. Tammy assists in curriculum development, research and identification of model strategies, use of virtual communication tools and contributes to the information clearinghouse. Tammy serves as liaison to the national level funders, state and local agency representatives and manages National Criminal Justice Reform Project funded by Arnold Ventures to advance pretrial and reentry reform in four states.

Tammy has served for over 25 years in various positions within Kalamazoo County Government including founding executive director for the Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council (a local justice planning agency) and founding director of the Kalamazoo Office of Community Corrections (in response to Michigan’s Community Corrections Act of 1988). In these positions, she wrote and administered several federal, state and local grant awards. She led the implementation of multi-disciplinary collaborative criminal justice projects and oversaw the implementation and expansion of 11 alternative programs. Notable among these projects were the nation’s first drug court for women offenders and Project RETURN (Reentry of Ex-Offenders Through Unique Resource Networking). Project RETURN was later identified as a model program and one of the first to be supported through the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative through the Michigan Department of Corrections in 2005. She implemented risk and needs assessment instruments and a case management system throughout the community corrections continuum, from pretrial services through prisoner reentry. Tammy facilitated the establishment of stakeholder groups inclusive of leaders and representatives from all aspects of the criminal justice system, health and human service agencies, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, workforce development, housing, and community groups. She spearheaded the development of “A Plan for Integrating Prevention, Intervention, Correction and Reintegration Programs in the Kalamazoo County Criminal Justice System.” She further assisted in the development and implementation Kalamazoo County’s Integrated Criminal Justice Management Information System Plan.

Tammy obtained her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western Michigan University.

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